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Hello you demented lunatics!

We are Pippa Bailey & Myk Pilgrim, and If you're here (and I know we are), then you're precisely our kind of nocturnal creature. If horror thrills you, vile discussions enthral you, and cursing is the condiment of your world, you've come to the right place!

As horror nuts and Halloween enthusiasts, we love talking all things horror

(except zombies - but who can blame us right? They're dead people, and nobody likes live people, 
let alone dead hungry ones.)

💀Deadlings💀 - At only $1

 You get to journey with us down this blood crusted rabbit hole, you will get immediate access to our Too Vile for the public Patreon only feed.

Which includes PATREON EXCLUSIVE video watchalongs of 
Nosferatu (1922) and 
Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)
with more being added all the time.

also you will get instant access to tasteless audio commentary of 
The Thing (1982), 
Freaks (1932), 
Scream (1996), 
plus the terrifying, wet your pants in a whole new kind of way 50 Shades of Grey and more. 

That's instant access to over 8 hours of podcasts and videos!

You get your name scrawled in blood in our Hall of Shame - which can be found here - www.pugnaciouspress.com/hallofshame
You get your name in the credits of all future public YouTube and Patreon only videos, and last but not least -
You get reviews, video diaries, shenanigans, and updates EXCLUSIVELY for the bloodshot eyes of you, the Deadling Horde.

💀Gibbering Deadlings💀 at $2 
In addition to our regular content, you will also get access to the 
💀Vloggy Horror Picture Show:
The inside track - video diaries, and updates EXCLUSIVELY for the bloodshot eyes of you, 
the Deadling Horde. 

Do you still want more?

💀 Ravenous Deadlings💀 $5 
You get everything, all the content, Vloggy Horror Picture Show AND the
💀 Deadflicks Behind the Scenes feed with shenanigans aplenty, audio recordings, bloopers, behind the scenes footage. 

Moving ahead we will be updating our original tiers and adding new and improved content as we progress, with your support and much-appreciated input.

  • Patreon_Mark_Coral
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