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6th May 2019

Pugnacious Press PATREON is here!

Pugnacious Press Patreon is now up and running, pop over to www.patreon.com/pugnaciouspress for more content, more fun, and more up to date information on our creations and future projects.

Puggle Tier $1
Pugglemeister Tier $2
Puggleusmaximus Tier $5

Journey with Pugnacious Press through the realms of peculiar, perverse, and unusual fiction!

Hello, we are Pippa Bailey and Myk Pilgrim, and if you're here then you have read some of our stories, and what's even more disturbing, you enjoyed them.

So if you're looking for slimy supernatural horror, blood-crusted dark fantasy, to partake in a little monster smut, or just want to see how our particularly deformed sausage is made;
then you have come to the right place.


Notebook Library Pugnacious Press Patreo
Puggle Tier $1
Pugglemeister Tier $2
Puggleusmaximus Tier $5
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