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Welcome to Deadflicks, together we dissect horror movies.


Separating the ribs, yanking out the heart, and discarding the offal, and trust us, there are an awful lot of offal movies out there. Join us and our fantastic guests for interviews, breakdowns, and more as we tear horror a new asshole, and occasionally call it the next morning. 

So, slip into something waterproof, pull on those rubber gloves, and prepare to get messy with horror hosts Myk Pilgrim and Pippa Bailey as we start our dissection.


Hand over that scalpel, we’re going in!  

You can also join our Patreon for tonnes of exclusive Deadflicks extras, horror watchalongs drunken horror movie quiz shenanigans, disgusting games, and other special bonus surprises.  

Although Deadflicks has been on hiatus for the last year,

we are far from finished in our quest to check the prostate of every horror movie we can lay our hands on.

The deadlings are currently drawing up plans for a new show, a better schedule, interviews with horror peoples of all stripes, watchalongs, monthly curator videos, updated and more despicable Patreon tiers, new logo, and all manner of behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

So, if you don't want to miss out on the bloody tidal wave of awesome,

sign up for our mailing list right now to be first to know when Deadflicks 2.0 drops!

WTF have you been? Why the long Deadflicks pause?

* Myk had had some insane life stuff and hasn't been capable of doing anything more than just existing over the last year

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