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About Deadflicks

Welcome to Deadflicks, together we dissect horror movies.


Separating the ribs, yanking out the heart, and discarding the offal, and trust us, there are an awful lot of offal movies out there. Join us and our fantastic guests for interviews, breakdowns, and more as we tear horror a new asshole, and occasionally call it the next morning. 

So, slip into something waterproof, pull on those rubber gloves, and prepare to get messy with horror hosts Myk Pilgrim and Pippa Bailey as we start our dissection.


Hand over that scalpel, we’re going in!  

You can also join our Patreon for tonnes of exclusive Deadflicks extras, horror watchalongs drunken horror movie quiz shenanigans, disgusting games, and other special bonus surprises.  

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Pippa Bailey

Pippa Bailey is a foul-mouthed queer horror author, voice actor, reviewer & all-round good person.

She lives in a tiny cottage in the Scottish Highlands with her husband, Myk Pilgrim.


When Pippa isn't writing she spends her time collecting tasteless memes, drinking too much tea, making terrible puns, and generally bothering the local wildlife.

You can sneak up on her if you are very very quiet, but it is not advisable.

Myk Pilgrim Deadflicks Horror Host avatar 1.0.png

Myk Pilgrim 

Myk Pilgrim is partially bald by genetic mishap but totally bald by choice.

He lives in a tiny cottage, in an even littler Scottish town where he spends every free moment consuming stories and watching films with his writing partner and wife Pippa Bailey.

Although he has been surgically sterilised, they are trying for puppies.

He HATES art films.

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