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Inclusive Horror. Period.

That Time of the Month

Why, hello there!

That Time of the Month podcast consists of a rather eccentric and more than occasionally foul-mouthed gal who loves all things horror (that’s me, Pippa Bailey), joined by a fantastic array of guests from my extensive horror femily.

Don’t let my shiny, bald baby newness daunt you. I have horror running through my veins, and I look forward to bleeding for you on a monthly basis.

Delving into the lives of womxn, non-binary, and gender-fluid creators in the horror field. Interviewing, hanging out, and generally probing everyone we can get our grubby little hands on. From writers to filmmakers, historians and fans of the genre.

We explore our representation in all aspects of the horror genre.
Where every month, is Womxn in Horror Month.

Join our femily today for inclusive horror. Period. 

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Pippa Bailey

Pippa Bailey is a foul-mouthed queer horror author, voice actor, reviewer & all-round good person.

When Pippa isn't writing she spends her time collecting tasteless memes, drinking too much tea, making terrible puns, and generally bothering the local wildlife.

You can sneak up on her if you are very very quiet, but it is not advisable.

Inclusive Horror. Period.

Look forward to seeing you next cycle!

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